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by James Newman
An all new novel by James Newman featuring cover and interior art by Alex McVey and an introduction by Ray Garton.

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Limited Edition: $45.00 US
Lettered Edition: $250.00 US
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Andrew Holland is a bestselling horror writer. While none of Andy's neighbors has any interest in reading his macabre books, they're pleased to have a celebrity author living among them.

Then, one morning, Andy finds the body of a child several hundred feet from his front door. A little girl who has been raped and murdered.

And everything changes on Poinsettia Lane.

Andy's neighbors turn on him. Their animosity is subtle at first: a dirty look from across the street, a friendly wave that is not reciprocated. The local media exacerbates the tension in the neighborhood by insinuating connections between the horror writer's work and his role in the girl's murder.

The authorities clear Andy of any wrongdoing, but the stain has set.

Before long, this once-quiet, peaceful neighborhood becomes a maelstrom of anxiety and chaos. Andy's neighbors surround his home like a horde of zombies - but instead of a hunger for flesh, these monsters are driven by lies, fear, and hatred.

Andrew Holland's survival rests in the truth... but sometimes the truth isn't what people want to hear.
Print Run
400 limited and numbered hardcovers signed by James Newman.
26 lettered deluxe hardcovers with metal traycase signed by James Newman, Ray Garton, and Alex McVey.

(Each lettered copy will contain an original remarque/sketch from Alex McVey and an original manuscript page from the story signed by James Newman.)
Praise for the Author

'James Newman’s ANIMOSITY courses a chilling descent into madness that’s downright Hitchcockian in the way the suspense slowly strangles the reader, its grip tightening to nearly unbearable levels. And yet Newman brings as much humanity to this startling tale as he does horror. The result is a well-crafted, disturbing, and often heartbreaking foray into the dark netherworlds of the human experience that burrows under your skin, nests there, and continues to feed on you long after you’ve turned out the lights.'

                  - Greg F. Gifune
                    (The Bleeding Season; Saying Uncle; Children of Chaos)

'Combining the simplistic yet adept style of Jack Ketchum, the tongue-in-cheek wit of Richard Laymon, and a smoothly natural delivery, James Newman delivers one of the most energizing reads of the year in ANIMOSITY. Newman's newest skillfully blends the finer elements of suspense, horror, and mystery . . . you won't be able to put it down!'

                  - Michael Laimo
                    (Fires Rising; Dead Souls; The Demonologist)

'This is how good fiction -- horror, suspense, or otherwise -- should be. Mind-searing, gut-twisting, no brakes applied. ANIMOSITY leaves no doubt that Newman is truly a literary force to be reckoned with!'

                  - Ronald Kelly
                    (The Flesh Welder; Hell Hollow; Undertaker's Moon)

'ANIMOSITY is a cautionary tale that echoes the work of Bentley Little and George Orwell, and has all the elements great horror fiction should have -- unstoppable suspense and plot twists that will keep you turning the pages. A spectacular novel that aims for the jugular! I loved it!'

                  - J. F. Gonzalez
                    (Survivor; Shapeshifter; The Beloved)

'James Newman is a damned fine writer. It’s just that simple. He has the easygoing style of a storyteller and the sort of prose that catches your attention and keeps it. His natural sense of pace is as good as it gets.'

                  - James A. Moore
                    (Blood Red; Deeper; Serenity Falls)

'ANIMOSITY is the real deal -- a great story filled with tension and genuine horror. No ghosts and ghoulies here. This is the kind of horror you find only in the deepest, darkest parts of the human soul. James Newman takes a great idea and carries it to its final horrifying conclusion. This book will entertain you even as it shows the worst in human nature and our struggle to rise above it.'

                  - Rick Hautala
                    (The Wildman; Occasional Demons)


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